MOVN WhitePaper


Official MOVN Whitepaper
⚽🎾🏀The sports industry is one of the largest in the world. Hundreds of millions of people and millions of clubs and events contribute to it every day. Through sports, people help build a healthier and fairer world, practicing and promoting its values.
However, while most industries have benefited from the progress of technology, sports grassroots have lagged behind. New generations spend more time on sedentary virtual experiences and the sports community is highly fragmented.
At MOVN we are on a mission to make sports more fun and accessible. To achieve our goals, we have created a web3 platform, the MOVN Superapp of Sports.
From one single place, players can not only make awesome earnings for being physically active but also get access to potentially hundreds of third-party services (miniapps) such as facility bookings, partner finder, marketplaces, eCommerce, Game-Fi, .... The Sports Currency ($MOV) is the MOVN utility token and the symbol of this new sports economy.
In small planned steps, and with the support of 100 star-athletes, MOVN will introduce blockchain technology to hundreds of millions becoming the leading web3 sports app while empowering thousands of sports businesses and organizations. This project goes beyond a marketplace or a platform; it disrupts the industry. The economics of sports will change forever.
At a time of ever accelerating progress of technology and of deep changes in our society, we believe in sports as the ultimate guardian of our values and humanity.
“Welcome to the MOVN World”
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