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Pierre-Emmanuel Czaja

CEO & Biz Development
  • PhD, Postgraduate at Harvard
  • Former P&G, TOTAL, FERRARI
  • Former pro tennis player
  • Successful exit track records

Pedro Perez

Strategy & Blockchain
  • Master Engineer in Telecom
  • MBA at UCLA
  • Investment analyst @Movistar
  • Serial Entrepreneur

Fernando Luca de Tena Smith

CTO & Gaming
  • 10+ years of developer experience
  • 7+ years of app development
  • 3D&AR experience designer
  • Tech entrepreneur
  • 10+ years in Digital Marketing
  • Computer Engineer
  • Master in Ux & Analytics

Ferran Martinez

Growth, Finance & PR
  • Former pro basketball player
  • Investment Banker at UBS, BankSabadell and Andbank
  • Serial Entrepreneur

Aditya Shroff

Legal & Investor Relations
  • BA LLB (Hons), NLSIU
  • Former corporate & finance lawyer at Linklaters, magic circle law firm in Singapore and Dubai
  • Former general manager at ICICI Bank
  • Serial Entrepreneur
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