How It Works For Business

Sports organizations and businesses can choose to offer their services through an MOVN miniapp in spite of, or together with, a standard application. The benefits for service providers are numerous:

  • Cost effective & Faster development lead times. The miniapp are built on the superapp infrastructure. Only specific service features need to be developed as MOVN handles the rest: registration, notifications, chat, etc.

  • New service offer & Integrations. Miniapps can integrate $MOV rewards to create their own games and attract more users. They can also integrate other miniapp services and align their objective with the entire ecosystem.

  • UX enhancement. MOVN aggregates and stores users' physical activity data. That way, miniapps know their customer better. It gives them the possibility to customize their offer and enhance UX.

  • Marketing & Network effect. Miniapps joining the MOVN superapp can advertise their services to a very targeted and segmented community of Sports players. Most importantly they participate in an ecosystem generating a strong network effect. More services brings more users bringing more services, etc.

So far we have developed miniapps in partnership with third-party service providers. In the mid-term, we plan to open an SDK (software development kit) to allow businesses and organizations to develop miniapps on their own. That way we will also increase the overall MOVN service offer and $MOV utility.

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