🦸Sports Superapp

The entry point for users is a Superapp type mobile application.

The Superapp is a disruptive model that has proven to beat standard apps each time they compete. It brings together a range of services, features, and experiences on a single platform that customers trust and are already using. It provides a seamless environment that keeps users engaged. It is the new App digital model!

The largest Superapp in the world is the Tencent’s “WeChat” with billions of users and millions of “miniprograms” / services.

In the case of MOVN, users can access potentially hundreds of (sports-related) services (miniapps) through a one-in-all app offering a consistent experience.

First, we develop our own miniapps and in the mid-term, we plan to open an SDK (software development kit) to allow third-parties to develop their own.

Each MOVN miniapp focuses on a different utility or functionality: court bookings, eCommerce, player finder, games, DeFi services and many more. We can see MOVN as a collection of services and not just a specific application.

The MOVN superapp is already launched and available for download at the iOS and Android stores.

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