🙀Web3 "Full Experience"

MOVN takes the Web3 concept to its new sports ecosystem. Users who creates, contribute and promote the ecosystem are the true owners of it.

  • Ownership and monetization. Every asset created, bought or won belong to the users forever. They will be able to use or monetize them inside MOVN or export them freely outside the ecosystem. Those elements are tokenized in the form of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each user has a collectible wallet where they collect and organize all their NFTs, both won or bought. From there, they can send them to other users, trade in a secondary market or export to an external wallet. We regularly launch our own collections or in collaboration with partners. All of them are exclusive 3D designs with Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities.

  • Gamification is inherent to the system and executed through incentive programs and gaming applications. The basis is to reward people for being physically active and for their contribution to the ecosystem. We turn the sports economy around. The way to do it is through challenges or games that motivate people both individually and in teams.

  • Economy. The ecosystem includes an economic model with its own currency, the $MOV. It has a limited supply, it is deflationary and there are no regulators outside MOVN that control it. The currency can be acquired by any citizen of the world.

  • Finance, or rather DeFi (Decentralized finance). Any ecosystem or economy needs a strong currency, with a market that allows exchanges and good liquidity. That is why we offer financial incentives through our rewarding engine. Token holders are often forgotten, yet they are a very important part of the ecosystem. There are specific incentive programs for token holders who help us to have liquidity in pools.

    Traditional pool funding strategies, where liquidity providers can stop supplying liquidity at any time, make the model not sustainable in the long-term. DeFi services attracted users with high APY, and high inflation of circulating tokens eventually resulted in a drop of token prices. The selling pressure was too high.

    The goal is for our protocol to manage its own liquidity becoming a Protocol-Owned Liquidity (POL). That extra liquidity will be also used to offer other financial services to our community, such as lending/borrowing, launchpads for new sport projects or as sports venture capital (VC).

  • Management. The evolution of MOVN is to become a DAO in 2 or 3 years. Our job is to organize the ecosystem, structure it and launch it. At that time, the management of MOVN will be in the hands of the $MOV token holders.

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