How It Works For Players

Start earning on $MOV is very easy.

The registration process and the activation of the reward have been designed to avoid any friction. Users don’t need to pay anything to start nor understand web3 and wallets either.

The idea is that players can start earning for their physical activity in three basic steps:

  1. DOWNLOAD MOVN SUPERAPP (no password needed for registration only email confirmation)

  2. CONNECT MOVN TO A TRACKING APP (Google Fit or Apple Health)

  3. PLAY SPORTS (MOVN doesn’t need to be opened. The trackers work in the background)

Strava, Runtastic and all the main activity trackers can also work with MOVN so that any physical activity counts.

Once entered the MOVN World players can discover the store and customize their experience activating the miniapps of their choice.

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