Fit Index

It is the most basic miniapp of the ecosystem, tracking all your physical activity.

It is takes the data from different sources, acting as a sports data aggregator:

  • Mobile internal GPS

  • Other MOVN miniapps

  • Native activity tracking applications: Google Fit, Apple Health

  • External applications like Strava

With the information collected, it generates a activity index. We call it MOVN FIT INDEX. The system collects the recommendations of the main world health organizations. For an adult, the optimal level is at a Fit Index of 100.

The index is a gamification tool and a perfect way to monitor user evolution. It can be used not only on a personal level but to compare people anywhere in the world. The index is unisex and universal.

The level of activity will also be the basis for the daily rewarding in $MOV. Each day there is a maximum reward per person if they reach the recommended daily activity.

Temporary boosts can be purchased (in the form of NFTs) that allow you to multiply the daily reward.

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